Purchase Module

Purchase ERP Software Module


Purchasing management consists a group of application that controls purchasing of raw materials needed to build products and that controls the inventory. It also helps creating Purchase orders / contracts, supplier tracking , good receipt and payment , and requlatory compliance analysis and reporting.

Work Flow : Recognize, describe, define the Purchase Requirement

  Item Wise Purchase Requirement

  • Strategic Or Operational?
  • Repetitive Or Non-Repetitive
  • Automatic generation of PR when the reorder level or min max levels are reached.
  • Delivery Schedules

  Determine Sources, Investigate, and Select Vendor / Analyze Bids

  • Request for Quotation from Vendors.
  • Quotation Analysis.
  • Vendor Analysis according to past history of Vendor.
  • Issue Purchase Order with proper schedules of Payment and Delivery.

  Follow-up the order

  • Keeps track of pending Purchase Order.

  Receive and inspect the material

  • Create MRN/GRN on receipt of material.
  • Acceptance / Rejection of material after different quality checks.

  Clearance of the invoice and payment to supplier

  • Matching of Purchase invoice with MRN and Purchase Order terms.

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